DIY - Office Storage Creative Solutions

Hello! Recently, we started the process of converting our guest room into a home office. Our reasoning behind this switch was that we only have guests stay a couple of time a year, but we could utilize an office space every single day. We wanted it to be a place that would function as a space where we could bring clients for meetings, but still be functional as an office/creative room. I'll be posting about the whole room later (when the whole thing is complete), but for now I want to focus on our most recent project: Mason Jar Misc Holders!
I'm very excited to share this with you guys. Because we're working in a small space, creative storage solutions are crucial. We don't have room for big shelves or cabinets to hold all of our supplies, so why not use extra wall space?

It was a fairly simple process: we started by painting a piece of wood white then drilling it into the wall. This would be the mount for the row of jars. Then we drilled a hole in the metal hose clamp (this was the hard part) so that it could be screwed into the wood mount. Once drilled in, we fastened the hose clamp around the glass jar. DONE!...except for filling it with pens, markers, pencils, brushes, etc.

I hope this inspires you to get a little creative with your home office. Good Luck!


  1. Oh, that looks nice. It pays to keep things nice and organized, and it's a cool bonus to have the storage looking sweet. Good job!

  2. Here's a good use for Mason jars. Using clear containers allows you to save time and be organized, especially with small trinkets. With these, you know exactly where your items are, even from a distance. How is the home office going? I'd love to see how it has turned out. :o)

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