Cousin Weekend

Kristi, my crazy cousin from New Orleans (going to PT school in San Diego) visited me this past Thursday to Monday...and I'm still recovering.

Literally from Thursday to Sunday, we did nothing but binge drink (classy...or should I say klassy?). The only thing that really changed was the scenery. Whether we were in bars in Northbeach, Dolores Park soaking up the beautiful CA sun, hanging out at Pier 23, or at friends' (crazy-sick) houses, Kristi for sure brought the pAArty. I mean...those places and a strip club* Honestly, I'm surprised I got around to showing her any of the SF attractions (like the Painted Ladies above).

*Yes, The Gold Club has a Friday $4.99 fried chicken lunch buffet special. Why would I NOT take her  there with a few of our friends? 

Since she's been living in San Diego for so long, she was under the impression that rompers or flouncy shirts, or summer dresses...all with high heels ("but they're wedges!")  would suffice anywhere in California. No, no, no. Literally, it's always cold here at night, especially near the Panhandle, where I live. And good luck walking EVERYwhere in heels. #notthativetried

I think she had a great time, as I and my friends did. I basically had to peel her away from a party Sunday night...so she wouldn't sleep through her shuttle pick up time of 3:30am Monday morning. All in all, I'd say it was a successful cousin weekend!

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