Black Socks

EVERYONE makes fun of me about this, but I'm telling you it's in! My younger brother and his friends started wearing black crew socks, and at first I was how you probably are - completely not on board. Then, more and more I started seeing them around. I don't know why (okay I do - sometimes I like trashy things) but I'm really digging this look! THEN, my good friend, Jeff wore them with hightops and I was completely sold.

Normally, I would pair the socks/shoes combo with a preppy outfit, but I opted for this casual, semi-preppy, but mostly comfortable look when I was taking pictures for Krystal's Deconstructed post. (Thank, Krystal for taking the pictures!)

Either way - I love this look, so everyone can roll their eyes now (but you'll be seeing it more and more!)

Shirt: Hanes
Shorts: J.Crew
Socks: Nike
Shoes: Nike
Glasses: Ray-Bans
Watch: Timex (with military strap)

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